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People Count Radar

Flying over water or in complex Weather Environments?

Buy our all-Weather, lightweight, plug and play altimeter.

US-D1 over land and water


We invite you to re-invent how radar technology can be deployed to supplement and replace other technologies, as well as how it can enable new applications entirely
high speed signal processing and a 100Hz update rate

US-D1: UAV Standard Radar Altimeter

Ainstein’s UAV Standard Radar Altimeter US-D1 is a must-have mmWave Radar sensor, enabling autonomous takeoff and autonomous landings for drones, as well as terrain tracking commonly required for precision agriculture.

WAYV AIR: Short-Range mmWAVE IoT Sensor

WAYV Air is based on radar sensing technology and features a compact form factor, low cost and power consumption. It’s the ideal sensing module for detecting and tracking people in indoor environments.

LR-D1 long range altimeter

LR-D1: UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter

Ainstein UAV Long Range Radar Altimeter LR-D1 is a low-cost, high-performance mmWave Radar altimeter designed for advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), manned helicopters, and other GA aircraft.