A New IoT Sensor for Object Detection

The WAYV Air is a FCC Certified 60GHz radar module designed specifically to collect and provide data about moving objects within a targeted area.

Buy Altimeters off-the-shelf or Partner with Ainstein for Commercialization

DIY Drone & UAV Needs

We offer multiple off-the-shelf altimeters that leverage UAV & Drone technology for their business. 


We offer a wide variety of design, manufacturing, and integration services for commercialization projects.

Autonomous Takeoff and Landing

Introducing Smart Drone & UAV Landing and Takeoff

Ainstein designs, develops, and deploys intelligent radar systems for small drones, eVTOL and UAVs.


Weather Agnostic

Same high-performance in low-light or no light conditions, such as rain, fog, darkness and more

Built for Tough Terrains

Customer-proven for accurate terrain tracking commonly required for precision agriculture

Highly Accurate & Smooth

Highly accurate and smooth above-the-ground altitude reading, especially over water, grass, brush and other challenging environments


“A strategic investment into Ainstein allows for us to collaborate very closely and directly with the technology creator. This is very appealing and will allow Bobcat to have the safest, most intelligent machinery on the worksite!”

Ainstein is the future of autonomy through smarter and more reliable sensing solutions.

Long Range Radar Altimeter

High-performance mmWave Radar altimeter designed for advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), manned helicopters, and other GA aircraft.

Standard Radar Altimeter

A tiny sensor designed to fly drones & UAV’s over and through any environment. 

Obstacle Avoidance & Imaging Radar

A short range, wideband, high resolution vehicle radar sensor. 

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