About Ainstein

Ainstein creates advanced radar sensors that enable intelligent driving, flying, working, and living. We provide innovative, high-performance, and autonomous radar sensors in the Aerospace, Specialty Vehicle, and Internet of Things (IoT) industries, and help customers adapt and deploy our solutions to achieve their potential. Based in Lawrence, Kansas, with backing from major investors like Doosan Bobocat, we’ve learned to leverage our expertise and our global network of Integrators, Distributors, Investors, and multitudinal Partners, to overcome traditional radar-industry constraints such as cost, weight, and performance issues.

Accessible, Scalable & Reliable Radar Solutions

Our engineering team is committed to researching and developing a full spectrum portfolio (24GHz, 60GHZ, 76-81GHz) of hardware and software radar products for our customers, and delivering affordable, scalable, and reliable solutions for autonomous drones, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), specialty vehicles and industrial sensing – uniquely incorporating millimeter wave (mmWave) radar, sensor fusion, and artificial intelligence (AI). With unmatched precision in unpredictable environments, weather conditions, and surfaces, Ainstein’s radars enable hundreds of customers (from Fortune 500 to mid-size and start-ups) across five continents to build smarter and safer commercial products. Our core team of experts holds a combined experience of 100+ years working in radar, with projects funded by NASA, the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), and the European Space Agency.

Fast Facts

  • Trusted industry leader since 2015
  • Core team’s expertise totals 100+ years in radar
  • Deployed in 40+ countries
  • 23,000+ sensors sold worldwide
  • Distributed supply chain
    Strong IP & patent portfolio with 30+ patents pending/approved in radar architecture, signal processing, and antenna
  • Accelerated GTM Strategy: Average 2-3 year reduction in timelines



We strive to make high-quality radar sensors an accessible and scalable solution for all.


“To enable happiness through technology innovations.”

-Zongbo Wang, CEO & Founder of Ainstein


  • Innovation
  • Meaningful Impact
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Adaptability
  • Partnerships

How Ainstein Differs From Competitors


All-Weather Radar Accuracy


The only provider offering a full radar detection system portfolio


Reduced packaging

Our Expertise

Accelerated GTM Strategy

Radar System Design

Embedded Software


Radar Signal Processing Software

Radar RF Module Design

Application/Function & Product Development

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