Ainstein UAV Ultra Long Range Airborne Radar

Designed for customized integration with aerial vehicle manufacturers, ULAB-D1 is optimized for air-to-air manned and UAVs beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operation. It enables safe operations of UAVs for long-distance infrastructure inspection, package delivery, disaster response, and analytics initiatives, critical for receiving authorization from the FAA to deploy these applications.
  • Optimized for high-speed and heavy-duty UAS platforms
  • Air-to-air detection and avoidance for BVLOS operations
  • Detection and tracking range of more than 500 meters 
  • 3D detection and speed measurement for more than 100 targets
  • All-weather detection and tracking

Over oceans and lakes

Over mountains

Over forest canopies

Over sand

Over snow

It delivers the best-in-class detection and tracking capability enabled by Digital Beam Forming and onboard real-time processing. The precision of our radar technology minimizes collision risk for cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft alike.

Working on a UAV infrastructure inspection project? Looking to launch your drone delivery service? Collecting environmental aerial images with UAVs? Become a Partner and add the world’s best radar to your solution!