Ainstein UAV Ultra Long Range Ground Based Radar

ULGB Radar
The ULGB-D1 is optimized for ground-to-air drone detection and monitoring and can be integrated and deployed by perimeter security solutions and service providers. It features Digital Beam Forming for highly accurate elevation measurement, onboard real-time processing for 3D detection and speed measurement and tracking for over 100 simultaneous targets.
  • Provides valuable data to UAV Traffic Management system
  • Ideal for temporary UAS flight operations and localized commercial UAV operation
  • Detects the non-cooperative intruders as well as cooperative targets alike
  • Detects the UAS and manned aircraft  
  • Compact and portable
  • Two modes of operation
    • An industry first 360-degree rotating stand
    • A portable radar patch to cover the most critical areas at events 
ULGB-D1 offers exceptional sensor performance for UAS mission safety and success. Recognized by the FAA and NASA as the primary sensor in multilayered Counter UAS (CUAS) solutions, radar has been proven to protect critical infrastructure, borders, correctional facilities, stadiums, downtown parks, waterfronts, parades, concerts, government buildings, public spaces, and other permanent or temporary sites against any intrusions.

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