Autonomous Blind Spot Detection & Lane Change Assistance with Radar

Seeing people, cyclists, blind spots, and rear cross traffic

Introduction to Autonomous Vehicle Assistance

Ainstein offers short range, wideband, high resolution automotive radar sensors built with Ainstein’s cutting edge radar technologies. It is built on RF-CMOS IC technology allowing for ultra low power consumption and low unit cost. The highly integrated hardware design paired with Ainstein’s proprietary advanced radar signal processing algorithms makes it capable of high resolution 360° detection when multiple units are configured on the vehicle. This allows for semi-autonomous or fully autonomous driving.
Collision detection vehicle

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles is Now

T-79 from Ainstein Automotive Safety Device Radar
Ainstein Vehicle Imaging Radar K-79
Compared to existing automotive radars on the market, Ainstein’s T-79 short range Automotive Safety Radar offers one of the market’s highest range resolution, faster update rates, CAN-FD data link options, and is 30% smaller, making it a top solution for the implementation of sensor fusion for ADAS and self-driving applications.

Ainstein’s 79 GHz Automotive Radar is highly customizable for diverse applications. Ainstein can deliver custom solutions including custom radar specifications, data output options such as point cloud data or raw detection data, and custom data formats to allow for low level sensor fusion with complementary sensors.

Affitions, Ainstein’s O-79 offers LIDAR-like image quality, paired with the high reliability under bad weather and low light conditions that only radar systems can provide. Below is real data which could be replicated with a GPS and data processing. It is also the first to market commercial imaging radar system optimized and validated in low light and even incredibly dusty underground conditions.

Ainstein Radars are designed to be easily integrated into diverse applications. It supports multiple high-speed output connections commonly required for passenger cars, construction vehicles, and robotics.

The Benefits of Ainstein Radar

Unknown Obstacle Avoidance

This helps vehicles capture data for tracking objects (e.g. People, obstructions, other vehicles, holes, etc).


This helps vehicles capture data for mapping purposes.

Onboard Clustering and Tracking

The radar itself classifies the raw points into targets and tracks them in 3-D

2d cloud mapping

4D point cloud mapping


Detects both moving and stationary objects



How our customers react to Ainstein radar

Series A With Doosan Bobcat

Doosan Bobcat first announced a strategic partnership with Ainstein in June 2020 to identify forward-looking solutions to help equipment owners and operators maximize productivity, efficiency and safety through innovation and technology. This latest strategic investment is designed to generate several shared-value benefits between the companies and customers.

Doosan Bobcat North America and Ainstein will further collaborate to create next-generation radar sensor solutions to detect objects on job sites when using Bobcat equipment. The radar system developed by Ainstein collects object position data — like range, azimuth, elevation and doppler information — to provide real-time alerts to operators by incorporating a combination of mmWave radar, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence. This technology will enable obstacle avoidance solutions and future technologies that support autonomous operations.

Read the full announcement here.

Behind the Application & Hardware



Operating Frequency77 GHz76 ~ 77 GHz
Field of View (Azimuth x Elevation)~90° x 30°
Angular Resolution (Azimuth)~5.7°±60°
Angular Resolution (Elevation)~18°±4°
Detection Range20 m0.5 ~ 80 m
Range Resolution< 0.2 m0.78 m
Max Velocity2.28 m/s±200 km/h
Velocity Resolution0.0357 m/s0.4  m/s
Update Rate (Point Cloud)5 Hz
Update Rate (Tracker)5 Hz to 20 Hz
Update Rate20Hz
InterfaceCAN, EthernetCAN
Safety Rating TargetSIL2
IP Rating TargetIP 67

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