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Ainstein Aerospace enables safer beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight and autonomous missions for UAVs, maintaining reliable performance in all weather and environmental conditions. Choose US-D1 for smaller UAV or drone applications, and the LR-D1, or its more robust sibling, the LR-D1 Pro, for more tactical applications and high altitude maneuvers.

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Specialty Vehicle

Ainstein Specialty Vehicle provides safety in blind spot detection and lane change assistance. Even in rugged conditions like construction sites, our radar thrives in self-driving industrial trucks, tractors, specialty vehicles, and other emerging autonomous automobile applications. The O-79 excels in extended-range use cases, while the T-79 was built for short range detection and accuracy.

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Ainstein IoT is excited to release our latest innovation, WAYV Air, for limited commercial availability, with priority on large-volume orders. Designed for occupancy detection and people tracking, this short range radar sensor provides presence and movement data without exposing personally identifiable information (PII), excelling in privacy sensitive environments (eg. restrooms or care facilities). To see if you qualify for early access, Contact Us today!

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Ainstein Sports is the newest division in our industry offerings. Our latest innovation is currently being used by top golfers to maximize performance, including Tiger Woods. Do you need a sports sensor for your product or business to keep pace with innovation? Contact Us today, and our team of radar engineer experts will connect you to your ideal sensor solution, accelerating your GTM strategy!

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