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While Ainstein is very proud of our product offering today, so much of what we do is focused on the new ways radar sensing can make the world a better place to live.


Organizations and governments across the world are re-evaluating how to monitor, measure, and accommodate today’s workforce. 


From tracking golfballs to accurately measuring your QB’s average output, the opportunities for radar and sports are infinite.

Social Distancing Monitoring

Access real-time occupancy and utilization of of common amenity space to manage occupancy and maintain social distancing.

Autonomous [SKY's the limit]

Radar sensors offer an unmatched capability for autonomous vehicles/machines/robots to quickly deliver tasks otherwise left to be completed by overly qualified staff.


Quickly and clearly validate the accuracy of the radar sensor with sensor fusion technology and reduce the development cycle significantly.

Emergency Response

Privacy is imperative for the healthcare industry. However, radar sensors can alert staff of fallen patients, heart rate abnormalities, and other vital signs without the use of a camera. 

Building [3D Point Cloud] Walls in Real-Time

Recognized by the FAA and NASA as the primary sensor in multilayered Counter UAS (CUAS) solutions, radar has been proven to protect critical infrastructure, borders, correctional facilities, stadiums, downtown parks, waterfronts, parades, concerts, government buildings, public spaces, and other permanent or temporary sites against any intrusions.

No Dummies  injured during filming…

We’re building radar systems that collect object position data — like range, azimuth, elevation and doppler information — to provide real-time alerts to operators by incorporating a combination of mmWave radar, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence. This allows an operator to be more immersed in the task being performed as opposed to focusing on obstacle and collision avoidance. This technology will enable obstacle avoidance solutions and future technologies that support autonomous operations.

IoT &

Smart City

OUTSIDERadar is not affected by lighting conditions and is extremely robust to adverse conditions such as fog, dust, snow, and smoke. In the development and optimization for the WAYV ITS modules Ainstein has created over 20 algorithms specific for ITS applications. The WAYV radar system can enable real-time monitoring of road sections, and areas 24 hours a day.

INSIDEFurthermore, companies seeking to develop smart building, people counting, crowd monitoring, industrial safety and other applications can use the WAYV Air for near real-time decision-making and signal processing.  These new sensors give technology integrators, product designers and managers the ability to tap new markets and applications for more precise and efficient operations. Because the sensors do not include cameras, there are no identification or privacy concerns. Another application for overhead mmWave radar sensors is the management and allocation of meeting space in large facilities or at conferences, where building staff can better manage scheduling of meeting rooms from a reception desk or central command station.

Seeing is believing

By tracking the occupancy throughout any venue, managers can use data-driven decisions to better optimize space utilization.
Aggregated data provides powerful insights to more effectively and efficiently remove friction points in high traffic areas, providing extraordinary protection to society.

Driverless lift autonomous

A New Playing Field

Ainstein has been working behind the scenes developing ways to track, monitor, report and improve how athletes perform. From club and ball tracking to pushing out flight data, Ainstein is extremely excited about how important sports and radar sensors will be as a partnership. 


Track. Measure. Improve.

We are thrilled about

the opportunities out there

for athletics and radar sensors. 

Let’s talk about investing in driving, flying, working and living a safer and better life because of radar-based technology.

We’re actively seeking the rebels, risk takers, Earth shakers, innovators, and trouble makers of the radar sensing world. If you’ve got a project that has you stuck, let’s talk!

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mmWavy Imaging Radar

4D Point Cloud MappingPinpoints the location of detected objects with range, azimuth & elevation, and velocity data, and generates a 4D point cloud mapping of the surroundings.



WAYV Air is based on radar sensing technology and features a compact form factor, low cost and power consumption. It’s the ideal sensing module for detecting and tracking people in indoor environments.


Optimized for high-speed and heavy-duty UAS platforms

Digital Beam Forming for highly accurate elevation measurement, onboard real-time processing for 3D detection and speed measurement and tracking for over 100 simultaneous targets.

Sensor Fusion

Artificial Intelligence Kit

Ainstein Sensor Fusion -

First to market radar and camera fusion kit developed for sensor fusion and artificial intelligence development

Stuff that inspires us

There’s so many incredible companies out there finding new and inventive ways to leverage radar. Here are some of our recent favorites.
Doosan Bobcat partners with Ainstein to develop radar sensor technology
Skydrive has completed the world’s first manned testing machine. The SD-03 model successfully achieved an electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) with their vehicle. The flight time was four minutes, the company said.

Canadian parts giant Magna International says it now has the ability to manufacture U.S. military-grade radar for the auto sector, allowing automakers to close the gap between Level 3 and Level 5 autonomy.

Doosan Bobcat partners with Ainstein to develop radar sensor technology

Doosan Bobcat North America announced it has partnered with Ainstein AI, Inc., a radar technologies company, to develop next-generation vehicle Imaging Radar (K-79) built specifically for self-driving commercial trucks, tractors, specialty vehicles, and other emerging autonomous automobile applications.