Automotive radar devices are now appearing in passenger vehicles all over the world. These devices currently offer safety features, such as advanced cruise control, lane departure warning,  and more. These radars are also the top three critical sensors in self-driving vehicles. They can penetrates dust, rain and snow, and offer the same reliable safety functionality in bad weather and no light conditions, when they are needed the most.

We see even more urgent needs in industrial vehicles and specialty vehicles for these radar devices. Industrial vehicles operate in more hazardous conditions such as mines, crop fields, construction sites, and more. There are no traffic signs, lane lines, or established infrastructure to help guide vehicles on their paths. And a collision with a misadjusted piece of equipment could mean disaster for an entire season or project schedule. The environment, dust and other weather conditions make radar sensors even more critical for the safe operation of these vehicles, manned or self-driving.


Similarly, specialty vehicles such as the sea port terminal trucks, vehicles for material transport inside manufacturing, and warehouse operations face the same challenges. Self-driving technology opens the door to a wide range of emerging autonomous vehicles.

These vehicles operate in unique environments, which require highly customized sensing solutions. Ainstein’s Intelligent Auto-Radar sensors are specifically built to enable self-driving and offer safety features for these vehicles. Ainstein’s Intelligent Auto-Radar sensors are highly customizable with its flexible I/O, modular antenna design, real-time firmware update capability, advanced signal processing algorithms, and FPGA enabled sensor fusion & validation tools.

All these sensor technologies come with customization services delivered by our PhD level scientists and industry engineers who are constantly pushing the forefront of self-driving sensors and bringing them to the market.  Contact Us


Ainstein 77 GHz Automotive Safety Radar

K77 Auto Radar by Ainstein


Ainstein Automotive Safety Radar Kanza-77 enables the following lifesaving features:

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Headway Monitoring Warning
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning
  • Adaptive Cruise Control

Ainstein Advantage

  • Highly customizable
  • High performance
  • Purposely built for industry vehicles and specialty vehicles
  • Optional technical support and validation tools

Ainstein Automotive Safety Radar Kanza-77 combines a wide field of view at midrange with long-range coverage to provide two measurement modes within a single package. Built with RFCMOS technology, powerful computing platforms and advanced signal processing algorithms, it offers the maximum bandwidth of 2GHz, the maximum range of more than 180 meters, the minimum distance resolution of 15cm, detects and tracks both static and dynamic objects. It is highly customizable for the customers’ environment.

The wide, mid-range coverage not only allows vehicles cutting in from adjacent lanes to be detected but also identifies vehicles and pedestrians across the width of the equipped vehicle. The long-range coverage provides accurate object discrimination, range and speed data that can identify up to 64 targets in the vehicle’s path.

Ainstein Automotive Safety Radar Kanza-77 can be strategically placed on the exterior of the vehicle, or be integrated into interior modules to alert drivers or self-driving control systems if equipment, other vehicles, motorcyclists, pedestrians or bicyclists are in the way.



T-79 Radar by Ainstein


Ainstein Automotive Safety Radar T-79 enables the following lifesaving features:

  • Cyclist and Pedestrian Detection
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Lane Change Assistance
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Ainstein Advantage

  • Highly customizable
  • High performance
  • Purposely built for industry vehicles and specialty vehicles
  • Optional technical support and validation tools

Ainstein 79 GHz CMOS Automotive Safety Radar, T-79, is the new generation short range, wideband, high resolution automotive radar sensor built with Ainstein’s cutting edge radar technologies. It is built on RF-CMOS IC technology allowing for ultra low power consumption and low unit cost. The highly integrated hardware design paired with Ainstein’s proprietary advanced radar signal processing algorithms makes it capable of high resolution 360° detection when multiple units are configured on the vehicle. This allows for semi-autonomous or fully autonomous driving.

Ainstein Sensor Fusion

& Artificial Intelligence Kit

S-F auto radar by Ainstein

Ainstein Sensor Fusion & Artificial Intelligence Kit includes these simple plug & play components:

  • Ainstein Sensor Fusion & Artificial Intelligence Kit, powered by Nvidia Jetson TX2 – this 7.5-watt supercomputer built around an NVIDIA Pascal™-family GPU and loaded with 8 GB of memory and 59.7 GB/s of memory bandwidth. A simple integration into your development environment with a variety of supported standard hardware interfaces CAN/USB
  • Ainstein video camera

Check out the Ainstein Sensor Fusion & Artificial Intelligence Kit in action:

Ainstein Sensor Fusion & Artificial Intelligence Kit
Validation Kit is the first to market radar and camera fusion kit developed for sensor fusion and artificial intelligence development. It can quickly and clearly validate the accuracy of the radar sensor with sensor fusion technology and reduce the development cycle significantly. With side by side panels, it displays the objects detected around the vehicle using the radar sensors. It also displays the video captured by the camera mounted at the same spot as the radar sensor with validation results.