CES 2020 is underway and we’re having a blast showcasing our two mmWave radar modules. Stop by the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center before the end of the week to connect! In the meantime, learn more about these new sensors, below:


Earlier this week, we introduced a new  IoT Radar Product Family – WAYV, with short-, mid-, and long-range stationary mmWave radar sensors to track people, vehicles, and other objects in a variety of situations and environments. 

We are holding demos of the short-range sensor, WAYV Air, which is based on 60GHz radar sensing technology and features a compact form factor,  low cost and power consumption. It’s the ideal sensor for detecting and tracking people in both indoor and outdoor environments. This sensor will help to enable smart building related applications such as building automation, space utilization, and safety and security.

RADAC Automotive’s Gesture Access Sensor

Ainstein has also partnered with ADAC Automotive, a leading Tier 1 global automotive supplier, to create a global joint venture that will design, develop, and manufacture innovative mmWave radar-based sensing solutions for use in the global automotive marketplace – RADAC Automotive.

RADAC Automotive is holding demos of its first patent pending solution, a mmWave radar module, designed to enhance the customer experience by providing hands-free vehicle access. The sensor allows you to wave your hand, elbow or shoulder to open doors, liftgates and trunks. 

To arrange a demo with Ainstein, please contact hi@ainstein.ai or visit us in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.