The commercial future of 60GHz technology

In 2018, Texas Instruments (TI) offered its new 60GHz chipset. Ainstein was one of the first few companies to design an evaluation module (EVM) utilizing TI’s 60GHz over the door sensor (ODS). In Ainstein’s case, the ODS EVM incorporates radar systems technology using...

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Automotive radar system demo

Wondering how radar systems can be used in automotive applications? Have a look at a demo of Ainstein's automotive radar systems technology and see for yourself! Ainstein automotive radar systems can enable auonomous driving applications for automotive, specialty...

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Improving safety for pilots in training

When most people think of aviation, they think of jumbo jets flying cross-country, or around the world. This is what most people’s first hand experience of aviation is. However, there are many, many times more private pilot certification holders in the U.S. than there...

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What is sensor fusion? 1 + 1 = 50

We all know that 1 + 1 = 2. But is it ever possible for 1 + 1 to = 3? Or 5? Or 50? At its core, this is what sensor fusion is all about: creating greater total value through use of data from multiple sensors in conjunction with one another. When used in such a way,...

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There’s a universal push towards ‘autonomous everything’: autonomous cars, autonomous drones, autonomous shuttles, autonomous buses, and more. We think radar is one of the key foundational technologies for this autonomous everything revolution. Here’s why.

The arrival of a future powered by autonomous vehicles -- everything from automobiles to drones to forklifts -- isn’t a question of if, but when. In fact, autonomous taxis are already operating in Singapore, and autonomous shuttles are being used and tested in the...

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