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Brian McClendon, co-creator of Google Earth talks with the Lawrence Journal-World on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at the News Center. McClendon says that he will become an EECS professor this fall.

Google Earth Founder and Former UBER Exec Joins Radar Sensor Board of Directors

Ainstein announced today the appointment of Brian McClendon to the board of directors. Given his experience as the founder of Google Earth and former VP at UBER, Ainstein is thrilled to have him onboard. 

Throughout his career, Brian has built numerous startup companies and has shepherded teams of over 2,000 professionals. While serving as vice president of Google, he led the team that built Google Maps, Local Search, and the entire Google Geo suite, helping grow Google from a Fortune 1000 company to a Fortune 5 company. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Brian’s extensive executive history of working with remarkable organizations,” said Ainstein CEO, Zongbo Wang.

“Combining Ainstein’s advanced radar products and powerful software is enabling new capabilities that are transforming several industries.” said McClendon regarding his excitement to be hands-on with Ainstein’s strategic planning. 

ADAC Automotive and Ainstein form Joint Venture RADAC to kick old kick sensor technology to the curb

Vehicles are changing and getting smarter, as mechatronics, electronics and autonomous functions supersede more traditional mechanical parts and features on the interior and exterior.

For Adac Automotive Inc., a Tier 1 supplier and injection molder based in Cascade Township, Mich., near Grand Rapids, this technology progression affects its biggest product segment in the automotive market: door handles.

“Whether it’s door handles or latches, all these things are purely mechanical parts becoming electronically driven with ‘brains,'” Adac’s Jeff Ackerman, executive vice president of global business development, said in a phone interview with Plastics News.

Contactless Activation

Configurable presence detection or gesture recognition. Selectable user preferences.

Reliable Recognition

Two Feet On the Ground. No unsafe kicking motions. Performance in all environmental conditions. 

All-in-One Sensor

Customizable programming for access, power opening, obstacle detection and parking assistance. 

New Bobcat partnership points to future autonomous machines

Doosan Bobcat North America announced today a strategic equity investment with Ainstein AI, Inc., a startup radar technologies company located in Lawrence, Kan., to continue the development of next-generation radar sensor systems for Bobcat® equipment solutions.

“Radar sensor technology is a key component of our innovation accelerated strategy and ensures Bobcat provides the most productive machinery on any work site,” said Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation at Doosan Bobcat. “Radar will enhance equipment performance and provide our customers with optimal productivity and the ultimate operator experience through sensor technology. Our investment with Ainstein allows us to work more closely to provide numerous solutions to our customers.”

Doosan Bobcat first announced a strategic partnership with Ainstein in June 2020 to identify forward-looking solutions to help equipment owners and operators maximize productivity, efficiency and safety through innovation and technology. This latest strategic investment is designed to generate several shared-value benefits between the companies and customers.

Doosan Bobcat Series A with Ainstein Radar
Point Cloud Automotive mapping imaging radar
commercial vehicles radar

Featured on Workplace Magazine: Occupancy Data That Counts

Workplaces magazine by jennie morton

The document below is the April 2021 edition of Workplaces by the amazing and awesome Jennie Morton.

She interviewed Ainstein and some of our friendly competitors to get the skinny on the top trends for smart buildings and business.

“Ainstein has shown the technical capabilities and commitment to customize industry-leading solutions for Bobcat. We look forward to a strong partnership to bring the latest innovation to empower our customers to accomplish more.”

Joel Honeyman Vice President of Global Innovation , Doosan Bobcat North America

“I’ve been very satisfied with Ainstein’s radar products. Ainstein is the only drone radar provider on the market with high performance and low price in a single package. I don’t see any other manufacturers with the same capabilities and value.”

Hideki Shibata UAS Chief Engineer, YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A.

“We at Jetpack Aviation are very excited to implement Ainstein’s radar altimeter technology in our Jetpacks because there is no other technology out there that will give us such an accurate and responsive measurement no matter what surface we are flying over. Our main goal is to keep our JetPack as light and compact as possible and Ainstein’s radar altimeter fits perfectly with our vision.”

Boris Jarry Operations Manager, JetPack Aviation, Inc.

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