Going to market FAST has never been easier 

Most engagements take 3 to 6 years.

We target 6 to 9 months. 

Radar vs Optical Sensing Solutions

We build to integrate and enhance your solutions through advanced radar technology.

We Build For You

Do our products meet most of your needs but require some development work to fit within your own commercialized go-to-market strategy? Looking for some customized work?

top scientists in radarWe offer a full stack development team and can build in full production or partial production depending on your needs. 

Radar as a Service (RaaS)

We’ve had a lot of experience supplying our radars (ODM or off-the-shelf) to our clients for their clients.


Radar as a Service (RaaS)

We offer a reduced upfront cost to deliver high volume orders + a monthly recurring fee to handle firmware updates and monthly engineering support.

Boardroom Preventing Success?

We understand that not all projects have the upfront cash or executive buy-in needed.


Boardroom budget radar

Let us build out a minimal upfront payment PoC for you with monthly recurring charges build around your budget. 


With the ruggedized design and the considerations for industrial and specialty vehicles, Ainstein automotive radar sensors can be strategically placed on the exterior of the vehicle and deliver the superior performance in all tough working environment.


Ainstein automotive radar sensors come with the latest radar technology, advanced signal process algorithm, cutting-edge antenna design and more


Modular antenna design, real-time firmware update, and advanced signal processing algorithms allow Ainstein automotive radar sensors be easily customized for special applications.


Ainstein automotive radars come with development tools, such as Sensor Fusion & Validation tools . They accurately validate the performance of the sensor fusion and perception algorithms, can significantly reduce the development cycle.


Development services delivered by the industry leading radar technology experts. Our expertise across all layers of radar product development.

The Global Leader of mmWave radar sensing since 2015

Pending and approved patents in radar architecture, signal processing, and antenna design

Global customers in drones, aviation, sports, IoT, and automotive industries

USA & Global Ainstein Customers

Ainstein has shown the technical capabilities and commitment to customize industry-leading solutions for Bobcat. We look forward to a strong partnership to bring the latest innovation to empower our customers to accomplish more.”

Joel Honeyman

Vice President of Global Innovation , Doosan Bobcat North America

I’ve been very satisfied with Ainstein’s radar products. Ainstein is the only drone radar provider on the market with high performance and low price in a single package. I don’t see any other manufacturers with the same capabilities and value.

Hideki Shibata


We at Jetpack Aviation are very excited to implement Ainstein’s radar altimeter technology in our Jetpacks because there is no other technology out there that will give us such an accurate and responsive measurement no matter what surface we are flying over. Our main goal is to keep our JetPack as light and compact as possible and Ainstein’s radar altimeter fits perfectly with our vision.

Boris Jarry

Operations Manager, JetPack Aviation, Inc.

Featured Innovations

People Counting

Running business COVID-19

Ideal for offices, gyms, cafes, conference centers/convention centers, police departments, entertainment arenas and more.

Urban Traffic Management

Urban traffic monitoring radar

Enable real-time monitoring of road sections, and areas 24 hours a day

Space Utilization

Social distancing monitoring

Automatically adjust HVAC and lighting systems to prevent interaction at high touchpoint areas.


Radar Expressway management ITS

Tunnel monitoring, improved traffic flow, safety critical event recognition, and even provide insights to help reduce emissions.

Occupancy Detection

Occupancy Detection radar

Access real-time occupancy and utilization of of common amenity space to manage occupancy and maintain social distancing.

Smart Tracking & Industry

Smart tracking radar smart city

Not only get notified when there’s an emergency, but also keep an accurate count of what’s happening during peak hours.