SRD-D1 by Ainstein is the world’s smallest object detection radar sensor.


Ainstein is the leader in smart radar systems for drones. SRD-D1 represents Ainstein’s latest generation airborne object detection radar, designed from the ground up to help all of your drones detect and avoid:

  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Tree branches
  • Light poles
  • Ground surface (ag applications)
  • And more

Interest in drones for last mile delivery, construction, agriculture, public safety, infrastructure inspection and others has grown steadily in recent years.

To ensure reliable and safe operation of drones in these and other applications, you need the right sensors. Ainstein’s SRD-D1 airborne object detection radar and other smart radar systems help provide the necessary situational awareness for your drones, and drone operators, to maximize safety, performance, and reliability of drone assets.

Detect relative position, range, and speed

Position multiple SRD-D1 on your drone to achieve 4 or 5 directions of obstacle sensing and avoidance.

Horizontal or vertical angle measurement

Gives you the precise 2D location of the obstacle

Smallest on the market

–the SRD-D1 is about the size of a standard iPhone 5, which allows you to conserve precious on-board drone space

Maintain high performance in all operating conditions

— Ainstein smart radar systems don’t experience degradation in performance under low-light, rainy, dusty, foggy, or other similar conditions

Do you have a custom application in mind that has you stumped? Our team can customize it for your specific needs, too — we love a challenge! Please let us know what you have in mind by completing the contact form below, and an Ainstein team member will be in touch shortly.

The video below shows a real-life demo of the new SRD-D1 in action