Automotive radar devices are now appearing in passenger vehicles all over the world. These devices currently offer safety features, such as advanced cruise control, lane departure warning, and more. These radars are also the top three critical sensors in self-driving vehicles. They can penetrate dust, rain and snow, and offer the same reliable safety functionality in bad weather and no light conditions, when they are needed the most.

We see even more urgent needs in industrial vehicles and specialty vehicles for these radar devices. Industrial vehicles operate in more hazardous conditions such as mines, crop fields, construction sites, and more. There are no traffic signs, lane lines, or established infrastructure to help guide vehicles on their paths. And a collision with a misadjusted piece of equipment could mean disaster for an entire season or project schedule. The environment, dust and other weather conditions make radar sensors even more critical for the safe operation of these vehicles, manned or self-driving.


Similarly, specialty vehicles such as the sea port terminal trucks, vehicles for material transport inside manufacturing, and warehouse operations face the same challenges. Self-driving technology opens the door to a wide range of emerging autonomous vehicles.

These vehicles operate in unique environments, which require highly customized sensing solutions. Ainstein’s Intelligent Auto-Radar sensors are specifically built to enable self-driving and offer safety features for these vehicles. Ainstein’s Intelligent Auto-Radar sensors are highly customizable with its flexible I/O, modular antenna design, real-time firmware update capability, advanced signal processing algorithms, and FPGA enabled sensor fusion & validation tools.

All these sensor technologies come with customization services delivered by our PhD level scientists and industry engineers who are constantly pushing the forefront of self-driving sensors and bringing them to the market.  Contact Us


Robot Operating System (ROS) compatible

Ainstein is proud to offer ROS support for its products.

ROS, or Robot Operating System, is a powerful and flexible open source framework that enables software development for robotic systems.

Ainstein’s ROS-compatible smart radar systems allow you to take control for streamlining integration of our radar sensors into your own custom applications.

Ainstein’s expert engineering team provides custom solutions for applications ranging from ROS integration to full-stack autonomy. Contact us today to discuss your own custom ROS integration.

Looking for codebase? Check out Ainstein’s GitHub by clicking here.