WAYV Air small radar for people counting
Using Radar for People Counting


Through an interactive display, our technology lets users and managers understand the occupancy of the room. This improves the experience of the users and the cleaning management of the room.Operations managers can anticipate and mitigate transmission risks before they happen. By knowing the real-time occupancy and utilization of gyms, conference rooms and other common amenity spaces, staff can manage occupancy to maintain social distancing, adjust cleaning services, food and beverage, and staffing to match real-time attendance.

Ainstein’s Short-Range mmWave IoT Sensor is an industry leading 60GHz radar module designed specifically to collect and provide data about moving objects within a targeted area.

It’s the perfect building block to develop innovative new applications for building automation, retail management, facility monitoring, and more!

Our sensor is based on radar sensing technology and features a compact form factor, low cost and power consumption. It’s the ideal sensing module for detecting and tracking people in indoor environments.

Ideal for:

  • Occupancy Detection
  • People Counting
  • People Tracking

Applications include:

  • Lighting Control
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Space Utilization
  • Emergency Response
  • HVAC Control
  • Home Health Monitoring
  • Retail Management

Operating Frequency

60.3 ~ 63.6 GHz

Swept Frequency

3.3 GHz

Azimuth Angle

120 Degree

Pitch Angle

120 Degree

Detection Range

9m@People Test

Data Refresh Rate


Machine Power


Machine Size



Radar 84g, bracket + screw 64g

Temperature Range

-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C



Easy to Install

A short-range mmWave IoT Sensor designed specifically to collect and provide data about moving objects within a targeted area. It’s the perfect building block to develop innovative new applications for IoT and Smart City projects used to monitor Social Distancing, Space Utilization, Crowd Density Management, and Reducing Friction Points within Social Spaces.

No Camera in Sight

Because radar sensors do not use cameras or optical lenses, they are suitable for privacy-conscience applications such as restrooms—they can even be installed behind the ceiling or wall, to improve aesthetics and further reduce privacy concerns.

While cameras are good at recording what’s happening, radar provides data points such as presence information, the number of people in a given area, where people are located within the sensor field-of-view, as well as the distance between people. This data can be aggregated and analyzed to gain insights on crowd density and visitor traffic flow.

People Counting Radar Privacy

A simple sensor and app to keep track of your foot traffic

Through PeopleCount’s software solution and Ainstein’s mmWAYV radar, tracking the occupancy throughout a venue is now automated. Making it easier for managers to make data-driven decisions in order to better optimize space utilization. Aggregated data provides powerful insights to more effectively and efficiently remove friction points in high traffic areas, providing extraordinary protection to society.

  • Automate Occupancy Detection
  • Make Data-driven Decisions
  • Optimize Space Utilization
  • Aggregate Data for Powerful Insights
  • Increase Efficiency in High Traffic Areas
  • Protect Your Customers


When it comes to safety for your business, people count


Off The Shelf

We have already successfully applied this device to a number of smart projects for occupancy detection and human flow statistics. Our customers are extremely pleased over the accuracy, low cost, low power and easy installation.



Andrew Boushie (VP of Strategy & Partnerships – Ainstein) joins Amelia’s Fish Fry to discuss the future of mm wave radar technology.

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